The prize money

The prize money for the winners

Ranking Men Women

1st place

800,00 800,00

2nd place

600,00 600,00

3rd place

400,00 400,00

4th place

250,00 250,00
5th place
200,00 200,00
6th place
150,00 150,00*
7th place
100,00* 100,00*
8th place
100,00* 100,00*
9th place
50,00* 50,00*
10th place
50,00* 50,00*

*This prize money will be paid off in form of a gift voucher which can be redeemed directly at the shop in Campo Tures / Sand in Taufers or in the onlineshop at

Categories and age-groups

Master Senior Espoir
< 1970 1971-1998 1993-1995

For the first three placements of each category, material prizes will be provided. There must be however at least 5 athletes in each category, otherwise those athletes will be automatically allocated to the next higher category!